Workplace Mediator Brief: Aresolution

Our mediation process involves conducting individual preliminary meetings with all stakeholders, individual meeting and coaching with key parties to help them to consider resolution and possible agreements, a joint mediation meeting and post mediation follow up including coaching and support for all stakeholders.


All formal agreements are captured in writing and a final written mediation agreement is produced outlining key issues raised, key agreements and organisational recommendations.


We have used workplace mediation to successfully resolve issues between employees at all levels of an organisation:

  • Between staff members or teams and groups.
  • Between staff and managers
  • Between managers
  • Between staff and customers, clients, or stakeholders
  • Between Partners, Board, or Committee Members

Workplace Mediation Brief


To begin your workplace mediation process, please complete the workplace mediation brief. A Word version of the document can be downloaded Here


  1. Name and position title of all participants involved in the dispute:

Party 1 Name & Position Title:

Party 2 Name & Position Title:


  1. Name and position title of each person required to be present during the mediation process.

Party 1 Name & Position Title:

Party 2 Name & Position Title:


  1. Name and position of support persons:

Support Person 1 Name & Position Title:

Support Person 2 Name & Position Title:


  1. Name and position of relevant management and stakeholder’s


What key decision maker’s would like from the process?



What has happened?

What has the organization done to resolve the dispute?

Has an investigation taken place?

What was the outcome of the investigation?

Are worker’s compensation or other legal claims involved?

Identify other issues that may have an effect on the dispute, including change in management, change in key decision maker.



To ensure that neutral ground for negotiation is provided and travel costs are minimsed the most appropriate to occur at the premises of Aresolution.

If another venue is allocated, ensure that this is not the workplace, and not a place that is visited by either party. This could create an imbalance and will attract mediator travel fees.



Will catering be required/provided?

Glasses and water jugs.

Notepads and pens.

Laptop for records?