School holidays are the time when parenting plans can be really tried and tested. If you are tired of having to fight about time with the children and find it difficult to talk with your ex, you don’t have to head to court, consider getting a family mediator or a parenting plan kit to facilitate your negotiation.

Take Sarah and Mark for example, Mark was supposed to have the kids for the holidays this year but Sarah wanted to go overseas. Sarah insisted and took the kids and Mark negotiated to have more time with them when she returned. When Sarah came back she did not hold up her end of the bargain. In response, Mark stopped being flexible. Sarah then refused to give Mark back his ‘lost
days’. They reached a stalemate. Through family mediation, Mark and Sarah negotiated a parenting plan that was in the best interests of their children and found ways to improve their communication.

Not all parents need to attend a formal mediation process in order to prepare their parenting plan. Some people just need a little guidance as to the key things to consider when drawing up a parenting plan. The A resolution parenting plan kit can help guide you through this process and for a limited time it is free. You can also use your free parenting plan kit in conjunction with support from the mediator for an additional fee.

Douja Elhajj is the principal mediator at A resolution and can help people reach an agreement without going to court. Save thousands of dollars in court fees and prevent the emotional stress that the litigation process may create. PH 1300 ARESOLVE to arrange for your free parenting plan kit and find out how we can help you achieve your resolution.