Commercial mediation

Commercial Mediation
A resolution commercial mediation can preserve your business relationships and avoid legal proceedings. A resolution mediators conduct meaningful conversations with all parties and listen with the intent of finding a genuine resolution. A resolution mediation is a collaborative process to develop agreements suitable for all parties. Mediation is confidential and keeps you and your company’s name out of court.

Mediation is less expensive and problems are resolved quicker than in legal proceedings. Mediation is also convenient since the process can take place on short notice and at a time that accommodates your schedule. Since mediation is not open to the public, it is easier for people to openly discuss issues and come to an agreement in confidence.

Commercial mediation is useful for

  • franchise disputes
  • communication difficulties in business partnerships or working relationships
  • changing partnership terms or ownership
  • reaching quick decisions to help you move forward with major business decisions

With A resolution commercial mediation, you will get quick results, qualified professional engagement and innovative outcomes. Our preventative approach and experienced team of nationally accredited mediators can reduce stress in the workplace and better equip you for conflict resolution in the future.

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