Divorce Property Settlement

If your looking to prepare your divorce property settlement quickly and in a non adversarial way read on.

Avoid court. Prepare your agreement quickly. Avoid lawyers.

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner won’t be able to give you legal advice (although trained in the Family Law Act), however they can guide you through the separation process and help you and your ex-spouse prepare a Financial Agreement, Consent orders or your Property Settlement in a non-adversarial and expedient way.

Divorce Property Settlement Mediation

Our clients choose mediation because they want to fast track the property settlement process and avoid court costs.  Mediation enables you to reach an agreement without going through the Court process, which can be very slow and stressful. Once an agreement has been reached, the agreement can be made into a Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders.

Our clients choose to settle their dispute with an Attorney General credited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner because they wish to avoid the confrontation and expense of a legal and adversarial process such as Court.

Our mediation process can cost up to $1900,  a lot less than the Court process which can reach up to $50 000.

Preparation for your property settlement mediation

Each person will need to compile the necessary documentation to enable you to negotiate a property settlement. With that in mind you will need to:

  • Identify the assets you both had at the start of the marriage/relationship
  • Identify the assets that were acquired during the marriage/relationship
  • Identify which assets were acquired after separation and/or divorce
  • Determine a value for these assets (Property values, share prices, and bank balance)

Mediation allows parties in dispute to develop a property and financial settlement that recognises each person’s contribution, superannuation, other assets and liabilities and addresses each party’s needs in a timely and cost effective manner, without the stress and expense of legal and court fees.

The mediator will ensure that the agreements prepared are checked, reality tested, and printed and signed after the final joint session of mediation.

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