Family Business Mediation

You may have developed your family business on a foundation of trust, love, and hope to build a family empire that you can all benefit from. You may not have anticipated the risk involved in joining two worlds, your family relationship and your livelihood. This dual role can create tension and disharmony to even the most resilient families.

Family business mediation and commercial relationships

In a family business conflict, there is a dual relationship – an interpersonal family relationship and a business relationship. They become intertwined and boundaries become blurred, eventually compromising any opportunity to separate the two relationships.

You are in a position to create change and to resolve your differences. Issues left unresolved may end up with a fractured family, and a failing business. Employing a Mediator will prevent ongoing economic and psychological costs. A Mediator encourages  you to communicate your issues in an effort to resolve your differences, focusing on ways forward.

Many believe it is possible to separate the two roles in a business dispute and that familial relationships can continue, despite the tension and conflict that exists as business partners in the background. We are a product of our experiences and interactions. Ourfamily culture is engrained in our attitudes, values and motivations.

Family businesses are complex and organic systems, and due to the nature of growth, they are at risk of arising conflict situations that may assist in expansion and learning but may also create tension with the key players.

Family Business Mediation can help you resolve the following issues:

  • Family members have either no interest in the duties required of their position, or not able to execute these duties. For instance, when a young adult is being groomed for a position in the family business and does not want to be involved;
  • Issue of Succession:

Competing family members for a management/director position;

Choice of management is not based on capacity but on heirarcy;

A family member is deemed incapable (whether determined by the team or other family members);

Creates conflict with other family members who are not chosen for the management role, and may feel they are more capable of the leadership duties required;

No clarity of business plan or organizational structure;

Competitiveness affects the operation of the company and creates tension with staff.

  • Wills and Estates
  • Resources: Scarcity of resources, including time and capital;

Extending yourself beyond your capabilities, causing issues at home and with your business growth.

  • Growing Pains: You might be struggling to “pass the baton” for the next generation of leadership;
  • Power Struggles:

You might be struggling to make decisions regarding:

Disagreements over the future direction of the company;

General management;

Payment of dividends versus reinvestment;

Changes to shareholder agreements;

Employees vying for power or position that you are not willing to “let go” of.

  • Family Separation and Divorce
  • Overriding values of business growth versus “keeping the peace” with family members
  • Managing Family Trusts and Properties/Assets
  • Communication breakdown 

We help you create solutions together to ensure that you continue working together effectively, but more importantly, so that yourfamily relationships are reconciled.

If you would like more information regarding Family Business Mediation or Commercial Mediation, please contact us today.

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