Separation Agreement

Enlist the help of a qualified Perth Family Mediator to prepare your separation agreement.

Your separation agreement needs to be worded and formatted carefully and fully consider property, debt, alimony, child support, visitation, insurance, tax and child support issues.

You do not need to have legal advice to draft your agreement but we recommend that you enlist the personal assistance of a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Family Mediator) to ensure that your agreement is prepared in the right format and includes the right things.

You can draft you separation agreement on your own, with a solicitor or with an experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (also known as a Family Mediator).

Separation agreements can be quite complex but you are not legally required to have a lawyer to create the separation agreement. Our clients chose Family Mediators because they feel that having the lawyer serves only to escalate ongoing hostilities that are present in such an emotional decision such as divorce.

Each agreement is unique and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can assist with negotiating the more intangible items you and your partner may be disagreeing on (e.g, pet visitation, facebook).

Our Family mediator can help you handle divorce, custody, support and property settlement with or without the assistance of a lawyer.

The Family mediator is familiar with the law and the rules of separation and divorce procedure and while they cannot give you advice, they will encourage you and your spouse to make an agreement that is in line with the general principles of the Family Law.

They will make sure you include those things you can and exclude those things you cannot in the agreement and will prepare an agreement in the correct format to satisfy the court.

The Family Mediator can also assist if there is some areas of potential disagreement between you and your spouse.

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