Psychsocial risk assessment

Workplace Bullying and Harassment is an occupational health and safety issue. Bullying and harassment affects 1 in 4 people at some stage in their life and the impact on the organisation and the individual can be crippling. People who have experienced bullying are significantly more likely to experience depression and anxiety as a result of the experience.As such, organisations have an obligation to manage bullying and harassment as it is a safety issue.

We can help you carry out a risk assessment in a sensitive way. It is important that the assessment does not alarm employees or create unnecessary distress.

A risk assessment for psychosocial risk factors that may lead to harm to health slightly differs from the standard risk assessment. The basic process for conducting risk assessments of psychosocial risk factors:

Existing management controls and systems
Hazard identification        Consequences        Risk rating

We will conduct some interviews with relevant staff and then consider other factors that may be influencing behaviour and the environment including: ·

  • Reviewing current or previous complaints made in the workplace, and the complaint or grievance management process
  • Recent history of absenteeism and workers compensation claims relating to stress or mental well being.
  • Staff turnover in the workplace
  • Review of workplace culture, training and behavioral standards.
  • Analysis of the impact of change and restructuring on employee behavior.


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Psychsocial risk assessment

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Heidi Smith is the principal psychologist at Aresolution. Heidi has over 12 years experience in counselling. Heidi is passionate about working with couples, families and individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder. In couple counselling Heidi has a particular interest in helping couples manage conflict and recover from affairs.